January 11, 2018


Why should you care?

People do not just use the trade and technical press to find relevant product information. 91% of adults who have used the internet have used a search engine to find information. 82% of these were searching for goods and services.

With SEO-PR you can pull targeted traffic to your online material through the power of search engines.

Really for other companies, right?

After all, the old view of marketing isn’t dead. This view assumes that marketing is a one-way street with the advertising and PR professionals sending their messages to the media. But is this enough?

Search engines are different. Potential buyers no longer have to wait for messages.

Searchers use the engines at their time of need and want a solution there and then. But this may change. The question is, can you take this chance with your business?

What is it?

SEO-PR is using the techniques of search engine optimisation to increase the visibility of press release web pages in the major search engines. Typical methods include researching the most used keywords for a subject, writing a press release containing those words at a specific density, and then posting the release to relevant online resources.

Identify targets

This service can include:

  • identifying a target audience on the web
  • developing a differentiating strategy
  • finding the best and most appropriate keywords
  • writing the PR content and posting to sites that will generate reciprocal links
  • tracking the effects and measuring results

Why not try this

Call In Press on 01488 674200 and speak to Eileen. Combining SEO and PR successfully requires knowledge, experience and skills in search engine optimisation and public relations – which few people have. We do.