January 11, 2018

Promotional Push/Pull Packages

Promotional Packages from In Press maximise the power of the written word by taking a few subjects from a client and turning them into a substantial promotional campaign at a highly competitive cost. They have been devised by In Press for companies who want to maximise the effectiveness of a limited marketing communications budget, or for companies who want to evaluate the power of different marcomms techniques before embarking on more extensive campaigns.

Promotional packages can be tailored to suit individual clients’ needs and could, for example be used for a product launch, or to raise awareness in a particular market area. For the ultimate in flexibility, see our No Contract Pick and Mix options, or let us use our experience to help you build a package to fit your budget and marketing objectives. To illustrate our package capabilities, we have created the ‘Push/Pull’package.

The ‘Push/Pull’ Package

The Push/Pull package utilises a number of different marcomms techniques to create a cohesive ‘push-pull’ marketing message. By making the written material work in a variety of different ways, the campaign is extremely cost-effective and is designed to:

• Raise awareness of your products/services
• Raise your profile as a significant player in your market
• Reach currently unidentified prospects
• Exercise your current prospect list
• Clean up your prospect list
• Encourage increased traffic to your website
• Provide the opportunity to capture names from visitors to your website
• Help make your website content more relevant to Search Engines
• Generate sales leads

How it works

We ask you to supply us with four interesting topics or applications of your products. We will then prepare:

• Four feature articles
• Four White Papers
• Four Press Releases
• Two e-blasts to your database

Using your four topics, we will write the four feature articles and place them in relevant trade & technical journals or websites. Articles appearing trade and technical magazines raise a company’s profile in terms of its technical competence. In addition, if the articles are case studies, additional kudos is established as a result of being associated with a known customer, as well as being good for customer relations as it also gives your clients publicity. The magazines and websites provide many thousands of “opportunities to see” your message and therefore will “pull” new prospects to you – most likely by increasing traffic to your website.

From the feature articles we can develop four white papers that can be posted on your web site. This has a double benefit. Firstly it means that new material with relevant material is being added to your site which helps with the natural search engine optimisation process. Secondly, and most importantly, you can set your site up so that visitors need to complete a simple registration form to access these white papers – thereby generating a source of enquiries.

From the four articles we can also produce four press releases. These can be distributed to all the relevant trade and technical journals in your target market(s) using the comprehensive In Press database of paper and web-based journals. Coverage in additional publications again raises awareness and can drive traffic to your website.

Using the material from these other activities we will prepare & distribute two ‘e-blasts’ to your own e-mail database of customers and prospects. This lets you exercise your database and “push” your message to known contacts. This is particularly useful for companies who do not have the resources to keep in regular contact with their prospect list. These e-blasts will include “clickable links” to the white papers on your website. Messages can be targeted to specific types of customer if the database has been segmented. The In Press e-mail distribution system provides trackable information that will allow you to:

See who opened the e-blast. This allows you to monitor the level of interest in your products or services

See which people who have clicked-through on the individual links to your whitepapers. They are showing considerable interest and would warrant follow-up contact

Keep your database up to date, by showing which addresses the message bounced back from. This allows you to check whether your contact has changed or whether it is a simple ‘typo’ error

Our ethical approach to e-mail marketing ensures recipients can unsubscribe from the mailing list

For price details on this highly competitive package, or to discuss other package options, contact Eileen on 01488 674200.