January 11, 2018

New Leads For Industrial Pump Distributor

Lead Generation For Industrial Pump Distributor


TriArk Pumps is an independent industrial pump distributor. The company’s unique selling point is that they are not tied to any one particular manufacturer and their goal is to deliver the best solution to a particular customer’s requirements. They aim to provide their customers with a pump, or pump parts that fit with customer’s existing processes, for the best possible price.


The pump supply market is particularly price sensitive and there are many companies in the market fighting for business.

In the past, TriArk Pumps had successfully used telemarketing, direct mail and a salesperson ‘on the road’ to develop enquiries and aid in the sales process. However, these techniques had started to yield fewer enquiries and the salesperson left the company and was not replaced.

The challenge faced was to increase the number of enquiries received and help grow the business.


Before settling on Google AdWords, TriArk Pumps also looked at other marketing techniques.

They responded to a direct mail piece from In Press and began to increase their visibility in their target market through PR and raising their profile ion the major search engines. Gradually it was discovered that the channel that worked best for them was direct selling through Google Adwords. They found PR was not fast enough at generating enquiries, although those enquiries they had were of good quality.


In Press ran a series of Google Adwords campaigns targeted at pump users both for complete pumps and parts. These campaigns focused on the problems prospective customers had with these types of the pumps and also provided solutions for their applications.


Using tricks of the trade such as negative keywords, targeting niche markets and implementing new techniques such as a Call Me Now button and online chat facility as soon as they became available, this online marketing soon became TriArk’s sole marketing channel.


TriArk Pumps increased their website enquiries from 2 per month to 2 per day on average. The MD said that they could directly attribute their 16% increase in profits to the search engine marketing because they tracked every new order through from the web.

TriArk Pumps turnover has increased by 120% since implementing the campaign and increase business each year with the help of online marketing. Each year there is an improvement in both turnover and profitability. There are no sales reps or telemarketers and they get a sales call from their site approximately every 15 minutes during the working day.

The use of Google AdWords has also seen Tri-Ark’s international business grow from a standing start to worldwide sales, notably in the Middle East and Germany – both tough markets to crack.