January 11, 2018

Turning Your Academic, Technical Papers into Leads

Imetrum is a specialist, university spin-off company that manufactures and sells non-contact video measurement solutions.

At the start of the campaign it became obvious very quickly that the system they manufacture and supply was more suited to longer technical and application articles rather than short press releases. Some product and company releases were distributed but In Press concentrated on writing and getting longer articles published. We did this thanks to our technical understanding of products and applications and our contacts with editors in the trade and technical press.

Within a six month period, and without spending any money on advertising, we had turned 16 technical papers into readable, understandable articles accepted by trade and technical journals through the world.

The Results

The articles were published in 13 different yet relevant journals and a series of articles printed on a renowned materials website.

The articles were seen by in excess of 100,000 people and had an equivalent advertising spend of £35,000.